Vintage Bags Making a Comeback?

Vintage styles have been making a fashion comeback, and for good reason. As time has passed, the very best looks are gleaned from the past and brought back to be refreshed for modern fashion. Some vintage styles make for a funky and quirky look, while others evoke a timeless, classic vibe.

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Vintage bags are making a comeback, and you can have fun with this too! By experimenting with a form of visual aesthetic expression via purse or handbag, you can try something out without too much of a commitment should you decide you didn’t like it, nor a big investment because most vintage purchases are not able to be returned.

What Is Vintage?

The word “vintage”, as opposed to “new”, or even “antique”, can be defined as an item originating from the 1920s to 20 years before the present day. An item, usually clothing, jewelry, shoes, or accessories and also often home decor, considered vintage, is usually a used item, meaning it has likely been worn before. You can never go wrong with the classic styles of the 40’s and 50’s. Chic and classy.

When you move into the 1950s handbags for ladies become more floral, more straw, and more emphasis on cute. Then come the sixties with op art and psychedelic patterns in bold color blocked high contrast patterns. The 1970s introduces suede and fringe to the mix, with an emphasis on shoulder straps rather than pocketbook type purse. And the 80s and 90s, went from new wave neon and punk spikes to preppy equestrian.

Vintage Bags

There are as many different styles and looks available in vintage bags as there are in modern bags – something for everyone and their personality!

  • Retro Rucksacks – Find a cool travel or school backpack.
  • Classic Clutches – For evening wear elegance and glamor.
  • Hip Handbags – Your daily companion doesn’t have to lose style points.
  • Pet Purses – Go for fun and novelty with animal shapes and more!


Poppin’ Tags


It has been said that finding a vintage bag is like giving an orphan a home. If it were not for vintage enthusiasts of retro styles, these bags could end up in a dumpster. When you shop for a vintage bags, keep in mind a few tips:

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  • Check the lining for tears and stains – lipstick is particularly difficult to remove.
  • Be sure the findings on the bags are secure – things like clasps, chains, zippers – because authentic replacements won’t be easy to find.
  • Look at the bottom of the bag – to make sure it wasn’t set down in anything unpleasant.


When it comes to where to find a great vintage bag, it is often the same places that you would find vintage jewelry and clothing. Keep your eye open for out of the way sources and remember to always buy what you like right when you see it. Because it will not be there when you return, that is a vintage shopper truism for sure!


  • Thrift Stores
  • Rummage Sales
  • Grandma’s Closet
  • eBay, Etsy

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